Special Announcement:
Rochester Hold’em partners with The Poker Camp!
Weekends with the pro’s coming soon to Western New York!

The Poker Campfire

As the poker bug is beginning to spread across the nation, The Poker Camp join forces with Rochester Hold’em to offer the first of its kind poker seminars for poker enthusiasts. The Poker Camp is a new venture conceived by Anthony and Juli Beebe and Dylan Simpson, veteran poker players who saw a niche for poker enthusiasts seeking out their dreams of playing the final table at a major tournament. Rochester Hold’em is Rochester’s largest poker school.

“Poker is a sport that truly is available to anyone. While other sports involve a great deal of time mastering skills in order to merely play against the professionals, an average player can compete against a poker professional simply by putting up the entry fee,” says Dylan Simpson, co-founder of The Poker Camp. “Poker players, young and old alike, can get the chance to win a major tournament. Their chances of achieving their dream are even better than winning a major golf tournament or becoming a professional.”

Dedicated to the education of poker players, The Poker Camp aims to increase the poker enthusiast’s skills and enjoyment of tournament poker through educational seminars while increasing the opportunity to make it to the final table. The Poker Camp seminars are two-day events that cover basic and advanced skills, betting strategies and feature a workshop with a major poker professional.

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