The Poker Camp congratulates Dylan Simpson

Dylan won his seat playing on, investing $27 into a preliminary satellite tournament.

Dylan has been playing for more than a decade in card rooms but has only been playing online for a few months. Dylan’s dedication and perseverance finally paid off. Dylan invested $27 into a preliminary multi-table tournament which paid out in a $250 tournament credit into the main tournament which paid out 1 seat ($12,000 package) for every 48 players.

“Even though I’m busy working during The Poker Camp seminar, I get the chance to talk with Antonio about poker strategies. I contribute my recent success to Antonio Esfandiari. He has opened my eyes to advanced tournament play and I can’t imagine getting as far as I did without his help,” says Dylan Simpson, co-founder of The Poker Camp.


Date Message
09/18/2005 US Poker Customer Service

Dear Vylan,
Congratulations! You have won a seat in the US Poker Championship scheduled for October 4th-8th in Atlantic City as a member of Team Bodog Poker! You have won a buy-in of $10,000 as well as a travel allowance of $2,000.

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