The Poker Camp congratulates Pasha Esfandiary

The Poker Camp Crew-

First and foremost, I want to thank The Poker Camp for giving me a fair shot in the WSOP ’05. I am Antonio Esfandiari’s little brother. When I saw my brother win 1.4 Million at the L.A. Commerce Casino, I wanted to pick up poker. I asked my brother to teach me and all he said to me was come to The Poker Camp.
Thank you again,
Pasha Esfandiary


Going into The Poker Camp, I already thought I was an expert on poker (as we all do), after coming out of The Poker Camp I realized how little I knew before I attended the Camp.

Learning tips from the pros and experts gave me a completely different outlook on how I played my game. I had never played any big tournaments before The Poker Camp and shortly after I played one satellite with 360 people to try to win a seat into the big one, my first satellite in which I used the skills that The Poker Camp taught me and ultimately won the seat.

The same goes for the WSOP, I used the skills I learned to place 371st out of 5,600 people and ended up taking home $18,000. All I can say is if you want a head start into poker tournaments I would definitely attend The Poker Camp. It was a great investment.

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